San Francisco

The city of San Francisco, an Imperial Japanese city in the heart of the California Free State.  

The core Japanese presence creates a very VERY segregated society, with a huge amount of racial tension. Most of the metahumans live in Orkland (Formerly Oakland) area, which is the home of pretty much all the anti-establishment movements. Most of the non-Japanese humans live in the outer suburbs of the bay area, with varying degrees of security provided by the corps. The government and Japanese Megacorps have a yearly tradition of anonymously sponsoring teams to go into the metahuman communities to "collect ears". It's a very messy situation.

The Dwarves of the Bay area almost all moved out to Diablo Valley, and built themselves a fancy underground city.

Chinatown was left as a tourist attraction and "an example of the Emperor's tolerance and kindness towards other peoples". It does contain lots of Triads who are doing their best to resist the yakuza, and by extension, the Japanese government.

When it comes to Law and Order, the local Policing is done by two organisations;  The SFPD, a remnant of genuine law enforcement left over from the collapse of North America is the primary agency within the suburbs and surrounds, and has some (limited) jurisdiction in the City proper.  The majority of the Security needs of the City, however, is handled by the Japanese Security Forces, and the serious crimes handled in person by the Emperors hand picked Special Forces, the Red Samurai.  Downtown San Francisco is under almost martial law.  If you are like most visitors, non-Japanese, you do not go there unless you have a legal pass, or they will arrest you and deport you if you're lucky.  If you experience the luck typical of a Shadowrunner or SINless person they may simply kill you.

Organised crime is primarily in the purview of the Yakuza as would be expected, but the Mafia and Triads are strong in some areas.  Street Gangs are common place with varying degrees of affiliation to other organisations, and wildly variable levels of competency.

San Francisco

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