Red Dead Samurai

January 8th 2053

So here we are in Gaijin Town District of San Francisco. Rushmore and I have been in San Fran for nearly six months now. We have managed to get ourselves a nice house in the high end part of Gaijin Town. Neither of us can make any claim to Japanese descent so we are very restricted in where we can live. Still we are not far from my favourite place in San Fran, a little bar called the Southern Belle, where I occasionally pull a shift behind the bar, just to help out and show these people how things are really done in the South. Three months ago I ran across an old friend who goes by the name of Manny, whom I believed died a long time ago. I first met him back when I was working as a scout for Ares, before moving to the Department of Adjustments. Rushmore and I have teamed up with Manny and his Rigger friend to see what kind of living we can make running the shadows. All four of us are SINless and have worked for Ares at some point so we have some things in common.

On the night of January 8th 2053 we were relaxing at Manny’s place when I received a call from a friend, her name is Yashida Mariko and she runs the Yakuza in the local area, in fact she is one of three bosses in San Fran. She had a job for us and was willing to pay well and after some persuading offered a substantial bonus payment. Turns out that her gang the Nightwing had been hit badly by the Red Samurai and she wanted revenge on a six particular officers. Those six people had to die and she was offering 10,000 Nuyen for each of us to accomplish this task. The bonus was 2,000 Nuyen for each additional Red Samurai that needed to be gone through in the process. Slight hitch was that we had only seven days to accomplish the task before these officers were scheduled to be rotated out of the precinct and back to Japan.

Having agreed to take the job we sat down to plan the op. The precinct was based in the Nob Hill District. I contacted a decker friend of mine in Seattle a wannabe Elf called Gentry, and got him to acquire the blue prints for the precinct. We had a number of options available to us.

Plan A: Storm the precinct and eliminate the targets. This is a straight forward and uncomplicated plan always an advantage in any tactical operation. Disadvantages were we could only be assured of the targets presence in the precinct at the beginning and end of their shifts. During these times it is normal for twice the number of officers to be present as there is normally an overlap on shift changes. This could mean up to 100 Red Samurai. Also there would be significant firepower available to them within the precinct.

Plan B: Intercept them while on duty out on the street. This plan while minimising the number of other Red Samurai to be encountered presented a number of its own problems. It would be difficult to track them. We could not guarantee that they would be the people to respond to a given crime. It would provide them with a battlefield where they could most use their talents and equipment to the best effect.

Plan C: We blow up the precinct with them in it. Advantage here is that it would provide the biggest Nuyen return in bonus money.

After much debate and a few alternative plans that would not fly no matter which way we turned them it was agreed to go with a variant on Plan C. We would place C12 laden drones in key positions throughout the sewer and service tunnels under the precinct and detonate the explosives during shift change.

Funnily enough this plan was Manny’s, our resident Shaman and Demolitions expert. I contacted a Fixer friend of mine and confirmed that we could get hold of the drones we would need, which he was able to provide for a very reasonable price. While I was doing this Manny further refined the plan by adding the summoning of spirits to confirm the presence of at least one of the six people we were after and others who would be instructed that if they were asked they were to tell them that Ares was responsible for the attack.

The drones were set for delivery the following day, so at this point we went to our respective homes to catch some rack time. On the way home Rushmore insisted that we stop for food, which cost us a pretty penny and resulted in us not reaching home for another two hours, boy can that troll eat!

The next day I collected the drone shipment and we met at Manny’s place again. The op was planned for the evening shift change that night. Manny and I set out to provide the initial ground work. I found me a nice secluded snipers nest and set up to cover Manny with the Barrett. Manny then proceeded to wonder the street outside the precinct summoning spirits and issuing his commands. This was accomplished without incident and no shots having been fired.

Once back at the house Manny’s rigger had gotten the drones set up and programmed and Manny proceeded to pack them with explosives and detonators. I have to say sitting around with this much C12 explosives makes me nervous. Once done it was the Rigger’s job to get the drones in place. Once we were ready to enact the plan I returned to my snipers nest to observe the op first hand while Rushmore placed himself as close as possible to the area to provide additional backup if things were to go wrong, oddly he chose a soyburger joint on the outskirts of Gaijin Town, go figure!

The whole op went off without a hitch. Once alerted to the presence of our target Manny set off the explosives and the whole building collapsed in on itself. The explosion was quite spectacular and all the more so for the lack of damage inflicted on the surrounding neighbourhood, we were only after Red Samurai after all not your average law abiding citizen. I watched the recover op from my vantage point and counted ninety one and a half bodies removed from the ruins. Once we had sufficient confirmation of the job well done I bugged out and joined Rushmore.

As I was tucking into a victory burger we noticed a giant, literally, in a Red Samurai uniform arrive near the precinct. He did not look happy and proceeded to summon a spirit and interrogate it as to what had happened. The spirit told him Ares had done it, as instructed. The giant did not like this at all. I am not happy about this giant. Firstly he is big, never a good thing, secondly he appeared to be a significant member of the Red Samurai, thirdly he must be awakened. Now the Japanese in this day and age are so puritanical that they make the Puritans of Civil War England look positively liberal in their approach, add to that they are so Xenophobic as to make the Southern Klans of the past centuries look like equal rights activists, what the hell is a Giant doing serving in the Red Samurai. This guy will need watching!

We bugged out and met back at our place, I figured Manny’s floors could use a rest from the abuse that Rushmore’s mere presence inflicts upon inanimate objects that have not been designed to his particular specifications. It was necessary to order in food as once again Rushmore had managed to devastate the food stores in our place as if he was trying out for a place among the four horsemen. There we ate and watched the news coverage while we waited for Mariko to call. Once she called we agreed to meet with her to exchange payments and goods. She is normally solid and her word is her bond however we are talking a lot of money and will be meeting on her turf, so I have warned the others to be careful and watch their backs. You can never be too cautious or paranoid in this business.

Red Dead Samurai

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