Planning the Next Op

12th January 2053

We gathered the next day in a slightly seedy and out of the way eatery in Gaijin Town. In my time associating with Rushmore I have learned that it is often best to conduct almost any activity in his presence, where there is a ready supply of food, it rarely has to be good as long as there is plenty of it. Using a new burner phone I placed a call to our soon to be client.

The clients name is Karl Brackhoase and from his tone of voice and speech patterns (which are very similar to Rushmore’s) I would guess that he was both German and a Troll. He outlined the job as being quite a simple case of retrieving a package from a gang who had hijacked it. The package was described as being 2.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m and bearing a Sauder-Kreupe serial number of SN-KE001/C. The job parameters were simple and the price good, still we haggled him up from his starting offer. As we were concluding our initial discussions he added that we were not to open the box and that if the box had been opened then we were to kill everybody. I told him straight up if we have to kill everybody then it will cost him a lot more than the agreed upon price. He responded saying that that was reasonable, this response concerned me greatly. If the box is open then we are likely to be eliminated upon completion of the job no Mr Johnson would agree to dicker over the price at a later time. Still we had a job and it had not gone south yet.

We broke contact waited the short time it required for Rushmore to clear his current plate, settled the bill and headed out. Relocating to another venue on the other side of the road where I could keep an eye on the eatery we had just left. I wanted to be sure that we had not been traced there. We began to discuss what we would need to complete the job. Weapons wise we appear to be good, Manny mentioned something about more explosives, but this appears to be his go to response for many situations. Transport appeared to be an issue, Hoot’s modified landy was not big enough to fit the package, its modifications also made it stand out which could cause problems. So we need a rented vehicle and a trailer. The other thing that we appear to be in short supply of was information on our targets.

We split up each of us going to complete our assigned objectives. I was to acquire transportation and also speak to my sources to find out as much information as possible about the gang we were going after.

We rented a pickup using a fake SIN and purchased a trailer outright which was more than capable of containing the package. I figured that the trailer might come in handy at some later point, even if just to transport Rushmore’s packed lunch for a day out.

I also spoke to my contacts who were able to supply me with quite a lot of information on this gang. So the gang leader is an Elf, with a fetish for vintage t-shirts. The one he was known to wear had “It’s a kind of Magic” written on it and appears to be a reference to some kind of music group from back in the days of the 5th world. What interested me the most about this was the fact that a similar t-shirt sold recently at auction for more than 60,000 Nuyen. Take him down with a decent headshot and we could be a good deal closer to affording that Condor Drone. Alternately blow his legs off, a little bit of blood we can probably clean off but bullets holes will ruin the whole deal. The gang is more than 35 members but probably less than 50. The gang was about three years old and operated in the areas near the airport. They were made up of equal numbers of Meta humans and humans and contained magically active members. What concerned me most was that they appeared to be operating in a cell like structure. This stinks of paramilitary operations, and where you have paramilitaries you often had some heavy conditioning and possibly even brainwashing. Getting information out of this lot will be difficult. Also if they are operating a cell structure it is possible one cell has taken the package and the others are completely unaware of the situation. Identifying the cell we need to go after is not going to be easy either.

I returned to our new base of operations with the information I had discovered. Hoot in the meantime had contacted his decker friend and had him working over the traffic cams throughout San Fran. This was going to take several hours if not days to collate all the information we had requested. He was however able to provide us with an initial lead. It appeared that the gang was using the Zoo as a meeting point. We told him to keep working the cameras and to give us regular updates.

We tooled up and set out for a recon mission. I took my pistols, Assault Rifle and my new mini6 grenade launcher pistol. As I hopped into the Landy, Hoot accused me of being armed to the teeth, I said to him. “I am not armed to the teeth, I am leaving the sniper rifle behind”.

We are off for a night time visit at the Zoo.

Planning the Next Op

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