PC Movement Speed

In addition to the choices of Free, Simple and Complex Actions, characters may also choose to Move during their Combat Phase(s). This is no way reduces the availability of Free, Simple and Complex Actions.

There are two types of Movement: Walking and Running. Characters may move at one of the two rates during a combat phase. They may also choose to remain stationary if they wish. Characters with multiple Phases in a Combat Turn, may move on only one of those Phases but it does not matter which.

When walking a character may move at a pace of up to their Quickness Rating in Meters. If they are taking other actions while Walking that require some form of Success Test, those Tests receive an increase to their Target Numbers of + 1. This penalty is + 2 if the character is walking through rough terrain or other obstacles.

Characters who are running may move a number of meters equal to their Quickness Rating multiplied by their Running Modifier from the table below.
Characters who are Running take a + 4 Target Number penalty to any Rolls they are attempting while running. This is increased to + 6 is running through obstacles or rough terrain.
Characters with Athletics (or the Running Concentration) may attempt to increase their running speed by making a Skill Test against a Target Number of 4. Every Success increases the characters ‘effective’ Quickness Rating by 1, for purposes of how far they move in that Combat Phase.

Running Table

Race Multiplier
Human x3
Dwarf x2
Elf x3
Ork x3
Troll x2

PC Movement Speed

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