Complex Actions

A Complex Action requires the most intense concentration of all the possible Action types. Only one Complex Action is possible in a Combat Phase. A character who wishes to take a Complex Action may also take a single Free Action, but no Simple Actions are possible.

Astral Projection
A Magician (or Astral Adept) may accomplish Astral Projection.

Cast Spell
A spellcaster may cast a Spell. All rolls associated with casting a spell (Casting Roll, ‘Range/Area’ Roll and Drain Roll) are the same Action, and any Pool dice can only be spent once.

Melee Attack
A character may attack with a melee weapon, or unarmed combat. A character can attack multiple targets in melee range with a single Melee Attack action. (See “Multiple Targets” in the Shadowrun Rules).

Fire Automatic Weapon
A character may fire a Ready Firearm that is set to Full Auto.

Fire Mounted or Vehicle Weapon
A character may fire a Ready Mounted or Vehicle emplaced weapon that is set to any Fire Mode.

Reload Firearm
Firearms which do not use Clips (annotated © on the Weapon Stats) must be reloaded using a Complex Action.

Summon Spirit
A Hermetic Mage can summon an Elemental, a Shaman can summon a Nature Spirit, or a Houngan can call forth the Loa using a Complex Action. This is a re-write of rules which state Summoning Elementals or Loa is a long process.

Use Complex Object
A character may operate a complex device, such as a computer, cyberdeck, vehicle and so forth. This action cannot be done whilst moving at more than a walking speed if on foot.

Use Skill
A character can use an appropriate skill by taking this Complex Action.h6. Your title here…

Complex Actions

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