Getting the Goods

January 11th 2053

The meet was set for the next day at noon in one of the warehouses that she owned. We reviewed our options of possibly scoping out the place beforehand. Unfortunately other than sending in Manny in bird form it appeared that we did not have any as our rigger Hoot was sadly lacking in recon drones that would not be almost instantly detected, and it is never a good idea to offend an Oyabun.

I managed to convince them that we should be fine and that Mariko is a woman of honour. So we headed for the rendezvous at the appointed hour. We arrived a little early and scoped out the warehouse, which was a large three or four story affair in a very Japanese design. We were a little disconcerted to find that the place appeared to be deserted. We could detect no signs of life at all, I would have expected at least a few guards! We retreated far enough to be clear of a large bombs radius and I gave Mariko a call. She answered and even her usually inscrutable demeanour seemed a little strained. She said that they would be there on time, so we returned to the warehouse.

Mariko and the Night Wing arrived a little later looking a little ragged around the edges, I would say they have been involved in violent activity recently. They drove directly into the warehouse and we followed them in.

They had quite a variety of equipment available including some magical trinkets. Luckily I could still communicate with Manny through our implants because he was still in Bird form and had no desire to change back to human form but naked in the midst of a Yakuza gang. Unfortunately the majority of what we were looking for was beyond our price range, items like stealth condor drones and high powered magical foci just cost too much at this time. We purchased ourselves a couple of grenade launchers, some EMP grenades, a spell lock, and a couple of Ares weapons pods. As we were examining the magical goods Mariko mentioned her wizard a man named Kenji. It turned out Kenji had been wounded in a recent fracas, I asked if he had received any Magical healing, he had not and I offered Manny’s services, telling Kenji to go a speak to the bird.

Kenji went over and just stood there in front of Manny, he either thought we were joking or insane. I suggested to Manny that he should just heal the man but Manny was feeling obstinate and insisted that he ask first. I left it to Manny to somehow communicate this to him. Following some magical trickery on Manny’s part involving some kind of telekinesis and a magic marker, just a pen not actually a magical trinket, they got it cracked and Manny healed up Kenji.

As we were concluding our business Mariko approached us with another offer. She offered us a property on pier 39 in which we could live. She mentioned that the place had suffered some battle damage but was otherwise sound. Her condition was that we would never act against the Night Wing. After some brief discussion we agreed to her proposal.

We headed over to inspect our new home. Okay so she was not joking about the battle damage but other than that this place is a sweet setup. State of the art security, high end appointments, a gym, Magical libraries, Sentinel defence systems, plenty of living space and even some scope for expansion of the facilities. Okay so there were some weaknesses as well but otherwise it was a good setup. One major concern is that in the control room we found a single big red button with no label or indication of what it does. I took a porcelain cup and some electrical tape and placing the cup upside down over the button taped it to the console. There was some debate about this button and what we should do with it, I said that until we know more we are not going anywhere near that button.

While the others set starting to move their stuff into the new digs I went down to one of the seedier bars in Gaijin Town and placed a call into my fixer friend Danny, looking for any work that may have come up in the shadows.

Speaking to Danny there were two jobs available. The first was low pay but on the surface a simple delivery job. I did not like the look of that the time window for the delivery was very tight and required a trip over the San Francisco bay. The second job was a package retrieval job. I asked Danny for the details of that job.
He gave us the basic information a delivery had been hijacked by a gang working the area near the airport. The job paid fairly well low end five digit figures. He gave us the contact details for the client. I checked with Mariko first to make sure this gang was not allied to the Night Wing, they were not, and from her description of them she was not a fan. This cleared I felt no issues with contacting the client and accepting the job.

Getting the Goods

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