Yashida Mariko

Oyabun of the 'Nightwing' Yakuza Clan.


Mariko (‘Maiko Obichan’ (‘Auntie Maiko’) to those closest to her) is unusual for the head of a Yakuza Clan. She is not a ‘Pureblood’ Japanese national. She was actually born in San Francisco in 2012. Her ruthlessness saw her carve out a Yakuza Clan from what was originally American-Japanese. Only in the past 10 years has the Nightwing Clan grown to include actual Imperial Japanese citizens, which shows how much the Clans reputation has improved in official circles.

The Nightwing Clan are ruthless, not letting their Origins get in the way of business. Mariko herself is kind and giving to those she trusts, but like the Dragon her clan is named after, do not cross her.

Physically, Mariko (like most Japanese) does not show her 41 years, looking instead closer to mid 30’s, she is calm, and yet serious, rarely smiling – but when she does, it is warm and genuine. She is not a woman given to pretense. She cares deeply about her people (the clan) and their families, and woe betide anyone who crosses her.


Yashida Mariko

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