The world of Shadowrun is a dark and dangerous place.  Magic has returned, bringing with it the creatures of myth and legend.  Technology has increased exponentially, creating inhuman monsters of implanted technology capable of performing feats beyond imagining…  And then there's life.

Life is cheap. Very cheap. But living is not. Bullets kill, Magic kills, Dragons kill. Everything, EVERYTHING, is out to get you. So learn to live by the Credo:

" Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never EVER cut a deal with a Dragon."

Cast of Characters:

James as Singleton “Gray Ghost” Mosby The Southern Gentleman Mercenary

Simon as Hans “Rushmore” Gruber The Troll Archer

Rob as (The Rigger)

JJ as “Mapache” the Raccoon Shaman


Our little mind theater takes place in four primary locations:

San Francisco, a slice of Imperial Japan, within California Free State

California Free State, Home to Dwarves and Freedom

Denver (Treaty City), a City with a split personality

New Orleans, the orneriest smugglers port in the CAS

A Dragon in AMBer

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